Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Announcing April's Monthly Gathering

I know, I know. You're Zoomed out. You're done with the pandemic. You can't fathom how another online gathering is going to make any difference. 

Show up anyway. Bring your exhaustion and give us the chance to turn it into creative energy. You have nothing to lose, particularly since this month's gathering is completely FREE. Paid for by Creatavita's silent investor.

Creatavita's April Monthly Gathering is scheduled for Monday, April 12, 7:30 - 8:45 pm EST. This month's topic - Potluck!

That's right. We'll keep the usual format for this 75-minute, online session:

  • Grounding Exercise - a brief meditation to anchor our attention in the current moment.
  • Creative Play - one creative action designed to give space for our minds to wander and explore.
  • Potluck - This month, we open the floor to you. Bring your projects, from all parts of your life. Creative, career or personal - we're open. Triumphs, tragedies, small wins - they're all welcome. Need guidance to get unstuck? Finished and wanting to spread the joy? Or perhaps you can't take the first step on that cool spring project. Let's figure it out, let's hear how you succeeded.

Supplies remain the same - paper, pen and a Zoom-compatible device. Additional supplies (colored pens/markers, yarn, colored paper, etc.) are still fun and completely optional.

Gatherings are limited to 10 participants. This month's gathering is sponsored by the Creatavita Offerings Sponsorship Fund, so the $20.00 fee will be waived for all participants.

Message me here to register or to have questions answered.

See you on April 12!