Tuesday, April 7, 2020

This Great Pause

To the 5 of you who checked in last weekend,

You’re lucky people. You got to see part of my process. I’m happy to know you missed Creatavita that much! My apologies for inadvertently posting a draft. Below is the final post.

I’m back.

When I announced my sabbatical from Creatavita last year, one of my reasons was my desire to lessen the noise in the digital world. And while most of what you’re about to read has, at this point, already been written or said, I now think adding my voice will make a difference.

I guess that’s what a pandemic does.

I’ll address the pain first. Around the globe, there is serious illness and death from one disease, in numbers that we, the modern human species, have rarely experienced. A disease for which we do not have, at this time, either specific treatments or a vaccine. That one disease is also creating anxiety and fear. Even though we might not personally be experiencing the pain, anxiety or fear, we need to acknowledge that others are.

Yet, as there is pain and death, there is also birth. Birthing can be, and usually is, a painful process. I gave birth only once in my life, and indeed, there were 45 minutes in that process when I felt the most intense pain I have ever felt. I remember looking into Beloved’s eyes and wondering if this was the moment I would die. I’m not exaggerating.

So yes, there is extreme pain. But out of that pain there exists the possibility of a miracle - life. Wow. Just sit with that for a bit. Out of pain comes a miracle. Out of pain comes life.

In all of the pain, anxiety, fear and death coronavirus has brought to Planet Earth, perhaps we are all collectively birthing new life.

Has anyone else been sensing a shifting of energy? A cleansing? Space being cleared for new possibilities?

That sense has been incredibly strong for me. I had to live with it for a couple of weeks to even be able to comprehend what I was experiencing. I have to come to recognize that, in the midst of this Great Pause, there is opportunity.

I’ve been approaching that opportunity by asking myself two questions. I do this every day, for a minimum of 5 minutes. Hey, I’ve got time.

The questions are:

#1 - What do I want my life to look like on the other side?

#2 - What do I want the world to look like on the other side?

Consider the possibility that your life circumstances are going to be very different, and in a good way. I know that might feel ridiculous, but play along. Visualize what you really want your life to be. I visualize the places I want to be, the experiences I want to experience, the people I want to be with, the art I want to create. What does that feel like in your gut? What’s your emotional state? If you don’t like this emotional state, can you transform it to one you do like?

As for the world, there are moments when it feels like the world is falling apart. But again, breathe and look at it as an opportunity.

Go ahead, visualize your ideal world. How do the people of the planet in your ideal world interact? Is there war? Is there peace? Is there prosperity for all? For just a few minutes, turn off your realistic brain. Build the societies you envision. Play Sims in your mind. Don't hold back your feelings and ideas. Go ahead, visualize the impossible, no matter how silly it feels. Leave the wrath for greater powers. I have the feeling they’ll take care of it.

What have you got to lose?

Above all, cultivate love and compassion.
Above all, stay open.
Above all, listen.

We’re all in this together.