Friday, August 21, 2015

The Lessons I Learned On A Bike Ride

I went for a bike ride this morning. As I was huffing and puffing up the final hill, I was reminded of the parallels between riding and life.

I love to bike ride. I always have. A bicycle was my main means of transportation throughout college and graduate school. One of my fondest memories from grad school is riding down the middle of a wide-laned Nebraska street at 2:00 am with friends, heading to a late-night cast party. The freedom, the joy.

Lately, I haven't given myself permission to ride. I have a myriad of reasons. It takes too much time to put the bike in the car (I have a wonderful Dahon folding bike), the Teen needs the car and he'll only be here for a few more weeks, the trail (I usually ride the Schuylkill River Trail) isn't really that challenging, the trail will be crowded, and the last, the best – I'm out of shape and will disappoint myself.

How much like life is that?

  • not enough time
  • someone else goes before me
  • not enough challenge
  • too many others doing the same thing
  • I will disappoint myself

Sound familiar? It's much like our creative lives, isn't it? I won't start writing that play today because I don't have time. I won't reach out to that potential client because my children need me to drive them to their friend's house. I won't go to that audition because that company is too small. I won't put my recent song on YouTube because everybody does that. I won't leave my downer job because the next one will be just as disappointing.

Thinking, and then responding a different way can be a challenge.  We get caught in patterns, and even if we don't like the pattern, we stay with it.  Creativity demands that we bust out of the patterns, particularly the ones that don't serve us well.

I know it can feel challenging to bust these patterns.  I did it this morning.  So can you.

Monday, August 17, 2015

An Opportunity

I'm joining forces with Meg Townsend this fall to offer a yoga and singing workshop.  Read on for everything you need to know about this delightful event:

The Art of the Breath: A Yoga Movement Workshop for Singers
Sunday, October 25 12:30-3:30p
$65 Early Bird (before October 10)
$75 Regular Price
New Leaf Club, 1225 Montrose Avenue, Rosemont, PA 19010

Breath is the base of life. Breath is also the base of singing and yoga. This workshop begins the journey of deeper awareness of your breath. For singing. For yoga. For life.

In this workshop, you will:

uncover deeper breath for singing and life
expand your vocal abilities through yoga
experience more joy and confidence

Meg will lead you through a yoga practice designed specifically to help you connect with your body as your instrument. Breath-work, bandhas (energy locks), core awareness, and subtle energetics will be tools used to help you access the strength and awareness you’ll need for healthy, authentic singing.

Heidi will then guide you through a series of vocal exercises which will apply the yoga practice to your singing. Heidi's ability to clearly explain how the human voice works will help you understand your own instrument on a deep and lasting level.

Together, Meg and Heidi will give you insight on how to incorporate the practice of both yoga and singing into your life so your development can continue after the workshop.

Meg Townsend​, e-ryt500*, has dedicated her life to guiding people in living brighter and more inspired lives through the practice of yoga. Her own path to wellness took shape when she was a young singer studying opera in New York City. She holds a degree in Vocal Performance from West Chester University. Life led her to teach yoga as her profession. She has found that her yoga practice has strengthened and shaped her singing in ways she’d never dreamed. Meg is currently a senior yoga teacher trainer at Amrita Yoga in Philadelphia, maintains a private yoga teaching practice, and also leads international, sustainable yoga retreats through her company Aluna Adventures.

*experienced registered yoga teacher with 500+ hrs training and over 4,000 teaching hours

Heidi Hayes​ has appeared throughout the country in opera, theatre and cabaret. She most recently appeared in a solo cabaret at the New Leaf Club and in the New Voices Festival at Bucks County Playhouse. In the fall, she returns to the New Leaf Club for another solo cabaret. Next spring she directs Miss Nelson Is Having A Field Day at the Walnut St. Theatre and. A passionate arts educator, Heidi has worked with children and adults in such diverse locations as Oklahoma, North Carolina and Singapore. She is a member of the faculty of the Walnut Street Theatre School in Philadelphia and has maintained a successful private voice studio for over two decades. She blogs regularly about flourishing as a creative entrepreneur right here at Creatavita.

Everything you need to know
To register and pay using a credit card:
Processing fees will apply if paying by credit card.

To register and pay using cash, check or Google Wallet: 

Advance registration is required for this workshop. 
We also want you to know that we will not be able to refund your fee if you are unable to attend. 

I want to sing like the birds sing, 
not worrying about who hears or what they think. ~Rumi