About Me

Welcome to Creatavita.  I started blogging here in June of 2012.  Because of my lifelong commitment to creativity, I've been blessed with a a career in the arts, a life I love and financial abundance.  There have been many ups and just as many downs.  I'm passionate about sharing the joys of creative living with as many people as possible.

There are two things I want everyone to know:
  • Creativity has the potential to transform everyone.
  • You can do it.
Like most creative entrepreneurs, I wear many hats.  I sing, I act, I teach people how to sing and act, I direct, I compose.  You'll find more information about most of those here.

I'm now also available for creative consultations.  I'm particularly skilled at:
  • crafting plans to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment
  • helping others initiate creative habits that really work
  • uncovering the innate skills necessary for a successful, flourishing creative life
My fee for this service is $1/minute with a minimum session of 15 minutes.  We can chat online, on the phone or via email.  

To schedule a creative session, contact me here.

Thanks for being here!