Friday, June 19, 2015

Creatavita's Third Annual Commencement

I hesitated before I created this post.  Finding the time in my schedule to watch an entire commencement speech is a challenge, so I imagine it is for you as well.

So I clicked on the link to review this year's commencement address, and then I remembered why this is worth your time.

This year's featured address is the always-engaging Joyce DiDonato, speaking to the Juilliard School's Class of 2014,  By the way, you should follow that link on DiDonato's name.  Today she is one of opera's most beloved and successful artists, but that success almost didn't happen.  You'll find her story interesting, and possibly inspiring.  I know I do.

Please don't be put off by that big scary word opera.  It's just another form of artistic expression.  Even if you don't enjoy the form, stay open to what Joyce has to say.

Update:  Thanks to Jean McDonald for reminding me that YouTube videos do not always appear in mobile versions of Blogger.  Here's the link you'll need to view the video.

Shameless Promotion:  I'll be back at the Leaf next Friday, June 26 at 8:00 pm.  Details here.  Feel free to share.  I'd love to see some new faces in the crowd.