Friday, June 15, 2012


Heidi Hayes and Jiu Jian Kenn,
2Voices10Fingers, Arts House, Singapore.
Photo by George Chia
You see the joy in those faces? You want that, don't you?
Actually, one of those faces belongs to me. That was a truly joyful moment in my life. There I was, doing everything I love to do. Sing. Teach. Travel. Meet new people. Would you like to know how I got there? Would you like to know how you can get there? Then you should join me here at


What is Creatavita?
It's a blog, where you will find inspiration, ideas and motivation to assist you with the creative pursuits in your life.  A life where the longings get satisfied, the bills get paid and the crazy moments are the artistic moments. You don't have to consider yourself an artist to get something out of this blog. It doesn't matter if you are a professional, an amateur or a supporter of the arts.  I guarantee Creatavita will have something for anyone interested in living a life that includes creativity and art.

Why a blog?
Why not? Doesn't everyone have a blog these days? In fact, that is exactly why I put off this blog for so many years. Does the world really need another blog?

Yes, it does. And I'm the person to write it.

I've been on this planet for quite a few years now. I'm honored to say that I have always made my living in the arts. I've always worked as a performer, first in the classical music world and lately in the musical theatre/cabaret world. I'm also a darn good arts educator and I've got many ideas about how to run that part of a life, which I will gladly post on Creatavita. Ideas about how to be a passionate and successful arts educator, whether in the private studio or in the classroom.

I needed a place to throw all of those ideas. I guess I could throw them onto my computer and sort them out when I'm retired, if that ever happens. I guess I could try to write a book. But that feels overwhelming, which means I won't do it. Besides, I noticed something happening in my life - I was spending more and more time communicating with artists of all levels and types, about careers, art, relationships, the perpetual life/art balancing act, you get the idea. I found myself saying the same things over and over. Some are big ideas, which require serious contemplation with answers and changes that don't come overnight. Others are extremely practical and could happen immediately. Why not, I thought, put it all on a blog, so everyone on the planet can read it?

I'm particularly glad to listen to emerging professional artists because of my own experience. As I look back on the years when I was establishing my first performing career, I recognize that I didn't have someone with whom I could discuss the big, difficult questions. Someone who had been through it all. Someone who I could trust. There were people here and there, but for a variety of reasons, I didn't get the best advice or I got the advice too late. Or I didn't listen. Hmmmm.

There's another reason I'm starting Creatavita. This reason will speak to those of you who don't think of yourself as an artist, but who are seeking a better quality of life. I'm realizing now that I know quite a bit – about what does and doesn't makes a flourishing life, about motivating yourself to get up day after day after day and try again and again and again. About figuring out what you really, honestly want, not what you think you want. Look, I have made and continue to make a ton of mistakes, but I also have gotten and continue to get many things right. I think I'm ready to talk about my experiences and hope they will make a difference in someone else's life.

How is Creatavita different?
I'm a proud native of the Midwest. Midwesterners are known for their practicality. I'm also an artist. Artists are known for their spontaneity. Now you see the rub that I've lived with all my life. At some serendipitous point, I realized if I could get both qualities to work in synchronicity with each other, I could probably have some fabulous results. And that's what has happened. So, you're going to be surprised at the mix of ideas that appear on this blog and what they can do for you. 

What will happen at Creatavita?
Here's my plan. I'm starting this blog in the summer, when most of us move to an easier beat.  So to start, I'll be posting every two weeks.   You'll find these initial posts to be a sample of the mix mentioned above – one incredibly thought-provoking and the next as practical as a grocery list. Some will be of interest to everyone and some will be specific to the world of singing. Read them all, because I'm always striving to link all the interesting pieces of life together.

I've got all kinds of features planned for Creatavita.  I'll start sometime this fall with a series of yet-to-be-named posts.  This series will present the big ideas, the foundations of life that have worked for me.   These posts will appear at least two weeks apart, perhaps more, because readers who take this series to heart are going to need time to consider these posts.  

Then there's the Crish Lounge, where we'll visit with all kinds of creative people.  I'm already working on a great gifts list to be published way before the holidays.  And I'm excited about the Creatavita Awards, where I'll feature books, online resources and other doodads that help me to thrive.  I'm sure I'll throw in posts about my artistic projects and travels as well.

Get involved.
Why not?  

Take a minute to post a Creatavita-type question or challenge that is rattling around in your guts.  We're all busy, so keep it short.  I'll see if I've got any answers for you.

Ready?  Let's go!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Creatavita is launching soon.  

Check back for an update on June 15, 2012.