Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Required Reading: Manage Your Day-To-Day

This book is a game changer.

I first read about this book on Brainpickings.  Since there are too many books in my house already, I requested it from my library.  You know how it is, you think a book is going to be good, you buy it and then it turns out to be meh.

This book is not a meh book.  I had to stop reading it, put it down to sit and contemplate what I had just read.  I found myself thinking about ideas presented in this book for days.  How often does that happen?

So what is it about Manage Your Day-To-Day that makes it required reading for Creataviters?  Well, for starters, it discusses some of my favorite subjects, like determining which of your ideas are worth pursuing, time management and how to really use your fantastic innate creativity.  But Manage Your Day-To-Day does this in a much deeper way than most books I've read on this subject.  Yes, there are simple tips in here.  But the how and why of our day-to-day is explored in a way that is extremely valuable.

Each chapter of this book, written by a different author, could stand by itself.  All of the authors are movers and shakers in the creative community - techies, authors, designers, filmmakers, etc.  Wait, no singers.  How did that happen??!?!?

Because of this book, even before the New Year started, I made a change in my day-to-day schedule.  For years, my routine has been to do a quick vocal warmup and then take care of business matters - emails, texts, etc. But reading this book pointed out to me that I am wasting the best energy of my day on tasks that can easily be done later in the day.  So, I'm trying to do my creative work - writing, composing, arranging, practicing - first thing, and attend to the business matters later.  This has not been an easy transition!  My brain screams at me that those emails are vitally important and if I don't respond immediately, I am a BAD person. But I'm trying anyway.  You know I'll let you know how it goes.

You can find out more here:  Manage Your Day-To-Day, although I supported my local book store, Main Point Books, and ordered my copy through them.  Actually, I ordered three copies.  I know I'll be giving this one away.

You can thank me later.