Tuesday, June 3, 2014


We have winners!

The Creatavita Birthday Party Contest ended last Saturday.  After a swarm of technical difficulties in the middle of the week, which the IT Department was finally able to fix, the contest blasted to the end of the week with droves of submissions.

Seriously?  I unwittingly locked down the comments portion of the post and had to figure it out.  Thanks to two followers who stuck with me, attempting to post comments and communicating when they couldn't, I fixed the problem.

And the droves of submissions?  Not really.  But some of you did, so not only will there be fun at this Sunday's party, but I have some great ideas for upcoming posts.

Our winners are:
Jackie Lacinski
Shelly Payson
Dan Stroiman

Thanks for playing!


  1. how about a contestfor suggestions on future contests?Seriously though looking forward to seeing you on Sunday.