Friday, November 13, 2015

6 Necessary Steps to Becoming A Professional Creator - Part 2

Welcome!  Here's the final installment of this 2-part series.  These are the steps that I believe are vital for anyone contemplating a career as a creator.  Read on:

4. Check In With Your Skill Set. This is a real balancing act. You've got to keep your strongest skills in shape, while working on your weaker skills. Don't ignore your weaker skills. I've seen so many people not realize their goals because they didn't truly master their voice, they ignored their weak dancing skills, or they prayed that they wouldn't be asked for a monologue.  Sad....

Find a teacher, coach or class in each skill that you need. The most important quality to seek is to find someone that you can trust. There's lots of shenanigans in the creative world and there's no reason for you to have to pay for it. The ideal circumstances happen when the expert you choose is a master of the skill and knows the business. Not sure how to find the best of the best? Ask people whose work you admire.

5. Enroll in a Business of the Business seminar or class. These abound in every field. Make sure they are legit. Performers should also seek out auditioning classes or seminars. The experience you get, the people you meet, the dos and don'ts you learn, the repertoire you hear all make this step a must-do.

6. Practice Positivity. I've saved what I believe is the most important step for last.  Becoming a professional creator isn't always easy, but it does have the potential to be deeply satisfying.  Cultivating a positive attitude is crucial.  Practicing positivity will help you believe, live through adversity and create.  When you enter the dark times (and you will), positivity will guide you out. It will also help you stay open to the myriad of opportunities awaiting you.  Practice positivity.

There.  6 necessary steps.  By the way, they're not in order of importance.  Not at all.  Choose two that motivate you and get to work.  I'll be waiting right here for your amazing stories.

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