Sunday, February 26, 2017

Guiding Star Week #8: Back At You

Hey, remember me?  I'm your Guiding Star plan. You know, the one you started 2017 with. Remember those early days of January?  Remember how you were all excited about new attitudes, and renovated goals? Remember how inspired you were to finally live the life you know is waiting out there for you?

I know, you got distracted. By your job, the weather, the world. You forgot about me, didn't you? It's okay.  I'm very patient, and a little persistent too.  Because I'm standing in front of you today, asking a favor.  Shouldn't take you more than 30 minutes and get this - you don't even have to leave your computer. Did I mention you'll feel great when you're done?  See, the favor is for me AND for you. Ready?

Now is the time to check in.

There, in the distance, that's your life.

I do it monthly and I call it a report.  I give myself a grade for every section. You don't have to use grades, you can use 1-10, thumbs up or down or emojis.  Doesn't matter. This is life, not grad school. Find a system that works for you. I write a brief (usually brief) comment on each section.  Then I send it off to my Buddy.  You do have a Buddy, right? This year I am doing my report on the 5th day of every month (I put a reminder in my calendar).  Here are some examples from my last report:

Hat: Abundance Lover - A. Off to an excellent start.  I embraced all of the travel (3 days in DC, followed by 6 days in Paris, followed by 2 consecutive days in NYC). I embraced all of the family time.  I embraced auditions, teachings and coachings. I embraced all of the actions brought on by Trump’s election.  I embraced making music for 2 difference cancer patients (both acquaintances) in one day. It’s sloppy, but I’m embracing the abundance.

I used to be a really tough grader, until my Buddy asked me why I was so hard on myself. Good question, right? She helped me realize I WAS tough on myself and that attitude wasn't helping. That said, just to show you I don't give myself high grades all the time:

Here are two of my 2017 Goals and this month's comments:

  • Attend 1 blogging seminar/conference - B. I have researched and have my eye on a couple.
  • Attend 9 dance classes - C. Nothing yet. I intend to get on this in February

See? I don't get to every goal every month.  

Look at these goals from past years:
  • Perform 2 of my compositions in public – B.  Continue to work on a song.
  • Clear out material stuff – C. Wow. Did I go through an entire month and not throw anything out? I guess I was busy with my mental stuff!  
I always end my report with a note to my Buddy. Here's this month's:

I couldn’t wait to do this first report of 2017.  I thought this year would be dark and negative.  So far, I am completely wrong.  The Slogan and Touchstones are with me daily.

Try writing a monthly report. Go ahead! What have you got to lose?

Walk through those chains.

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