Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Disappearing Act

I'm staying in the Katong section of Singapore.
In the midst of high rises, darling little houses.
This is the most difficult post I have written. Not because I have anything bad to tell you. I just couldn't get to the right thoughts and then to the best words. Enough. The timer's on for 15 minutes and at the end of that time, I will upload this post.

I know I've been absent for a long time. As most of you know, I'm in Asia on tour with the musical Sister Act.

To be honest, I have been completely distracted by my life, sometimes positively, sometimes negatively. The questions, the uncertainty frequently overwhelmed me. I had very little information and no confirmation. Then the project was confirmed and started. And consumed my life. How could I explain that to you when I couldn't find my own way through it?

I lost my blogging habit.

I'm not sure what fruit that is. Interesting, isn't it?
Now I'm on the other side, of the distraction and the planet (although I'll be home next week for most of June). Space is opening up in my brain and ideas are starting to flow. I still have understudy rehearsals and of course, 8 shows a week, and I can feel that I have to restart my blogging habit. But I'm on my way back.

To get started, some photos and a list of possible future posts.

That's the iconic Marina Bay Sands. I work in the same complex.

I've had time to visit one Hindu temple here in Singapore. That's all

Posts to Watch For:

Do Your Job - I have stories.

Living With Uncertainty - destined to be an all-time hit.

Learning to Let Go

Clear Intentions - currently, one of the biggest lessons for me.

Embrace the Good - the other big lesson.

Anything you're curious about? Let me know, preferably in a comment right here on Creatavita.

Time's up.  I did it!


  1. Well done! This is a great update and I can't wait for the next episode-esp. Living With Uncertainty. Don't know how you found the time/energy to post with your schedule. (AND I think those are rambutans!) Cynthia

  2. I'm not sure if you ever have listened to Slate's Working Podcast but they interview people in difference walks of life and they talk to them about their typical day...almost hour by hour of their job. Would love one of those posts about what your typical day was rehearsal prior to going to Singapore and then another one about your typical day NOW that the show is running. Love the FB posts!

  3. Interestingly enough, I had this idea while I was in rehearsals, but I thought it wouldn't be of interest to my readers. Now that I know it is, I will definitely post one of my typical days. It will be a wonderful way to illustrate how demanding the life of a performer can be. Thanks for the suggestion!