Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Glamorous Life, Shenzhen Style

Oh boy, where do I start? There have been so many adventures, and off the stage. I'm still thriving.

First from our time in Guangzhou, which was now 2 weeks ago.

Nap time is big here in China. As it should be. The only surprise?  Public napping. Extraordinary public napping.

See these folks? I thought they were an art installation.

Hey, in my defense, they're sitting in a space in the gorgeous modern Guangzhou Opera House. See for yourself:

The opera house is behind me

One part of the opera house

Look, I stood there for at least 3 minutes, trying to determine if they were real people and decided they weren't. I was even impressed that the guy in the front had a Bluetooth gizmo in his ear. So I snapped the photo. And then the guy in the back turned the page in his book!

Only later when I saw more people in the same position in a food court did I realize what a phenomenon extreme napping is in China.

These Buildings. I tell you, the architecture is amazing. Look! These are from last week in Shenzhen

Can you see how the sculpture starts on one side of the building and ends on the other?

Shenzhen Poly Theatre
There was no way I could get enough photos to give you a true sense of the many modern buildings in Shenzhen. However, the modern buildings didn't mean good Internet. This was the first week that we encountered how the Internet works in China. Our hotel had weak Internet (much like I've experienced in the US), but when combined with needing a VPN, it was a failure. Hence, I had trouble uploading photos and posting.

We're starting to see ourselves in the publicity.
Yes, that's me - back row on the left.

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