Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Quick Followup

Okay, Have A Plan was helpful!  Great! One reader said this post was huge. Yes, that's a definite possibility. Another told me that she was great at planning the small events of life, but not the big events. She's afraid of disappointing herself. I've got something for her, and the rest of you that don't want to be disappointed - see below.  Yet another had a spontaneous conversation with a former colleague. They worked together at a job that was decent, but as she described to me, “it was, well, a job.” Now, 5 years later, both are thriving in careers they wanted. This realization, in conjunction with the Creatavita post, has given her the impetus to look ahead to the next 5 years. Fabulous.

Best of all, in a serendipitous moment, a friend (and reader) passed along this article. She wasn't even aware of my last post. The author of this article provides another set of exercises for planning.  She also does a great job of discussing setbacks and failures, a topic I wasn't able to cover in my previous post:

On to another subject. This summer I discovered a fabulous online resource for artists – Fractured Atlas ( Fractured Atlas calls themselves an arts service organization. Where have you been all my life, Fractured Atlas?!?!?  Fractured Atlas offers the usual information about grants, but also online classes about the business aspect of being an artist, health and liability insurance, AND, a program they call Fiscal Sponsorship.  Using the Fiscal Sponsorship program, I'll be launching an online fund-raising campaign starting Monday to raise funds for 2Voices10Fingers, the global collaborative project I work on with Singaporean Jiu Jian Kenn. 

Fractured Atlas' online fundraising campaign has one big difference from Kickstarter.  Donations to Fractured Atlas projects are tax deductible.  That's the main reason I chose Fractured Atlas.  Now that I'm working with them, I am thrilled with how helpful and quick the staff has been to answer my many questions.  I've dabbled in their online webinars and classes; I learned very important information there! Others have told me they use Fractured Atlas to purchase liability insurance for performances and health insurance.

Check them out at and if you choose to join, use this code: FS7146.
You'll get your first 3 months of membership for free!

Back to work on the next post. You guys are keeping me on my toes!

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