Friday, April 17, 2015

I Went

I went.

I didn't want to go.

I went anyway.

There were so many reasons not to go. Too far. Chances were slim. Not enough money. Project not that interesting. Bad time of the year.

I went anyway.

A funny thing happened. I delivered more than I had anticipated. Opportunities I hadn't considered opened up. I actually enjoyed myself.

What if I hadn't gone? I wouldn't have practiced delivering more. I wouldn't have those opportunities. I wouldn't have enjoyed myself.

You have an upcoming opportunity on your calendar – an interview, a potential client meeting, an audition. You're having trouble deciding if you should keep this opportunity. Usually, you have no trouble making a decision like this. You're very good at recognizing the positives and negatives of situations and deciding if the opportunity is one you should take. You're driving yourself a little bit crazy with your indecision about this particular opportunity.

You should go.

I went.


Wanda Eichler said...

Great post. I really like the sketch of the shoe too. Thanks, Heidi.

Heidi Hayes said...

Thank you, Wanda! I'm glad you like the shoe also. Emulating you and adding some images.

jackie said...

I really like this blog, Heidi. Just what I needed to see. & I love the sketch as well

Heidi Hayes said...

Thanks, Jackie! If you needed to see this, that's why I wrote it.

See you soon!

Jean McDonald said...

Great one!!

Heidi Hayes said...

Thank you, Jean!