Friday, May 8, 2015

Music For A While

I'm always encouraging people to create their own events. Waiting to be hired or have your work discovered stalls your energy. Rarely do people take my advice. So you can imagine my joy when Meg Townsend organized Music For Awhile.

Meg and I have a perpetual conversation about how we fit in the world as artists. With Music For A While, Meg has found a solution that is inspiring, not just for her, but for others as well. She has already raised over $1,000 to benefit the Sister Cities Girlchoir.  Even better, Meg created a realistic budget that covers all of the event's expenses, including reasonable fees for the performing artists.  Yes, she did.

Meg has programmed some fine music, all around the theme of stars, moon and dreams.  If you attend (and you really should), you'll be treated to music by composers such as Purcell, Debussy, Schubert, and some fabulous songs by Stuart McMeans.  

Meg and her fine accompanist, John Gilmour, had a rehearsal in my studio this week. Here are the notes I gave them. I think they'll resonate with many of you.

Invite everyone, including yourself to the music.

Let us in to that delightful land inside of you.

Mistakes will happen. It's how you handle them that matters.

Every time I've heard Audra McDonald in concert, she's had to stop a song and start again. I didn't really care. She handled the moment with ease, never apologized and jumped right back into the music. If you have to start over, be like Audra.

Event Details:  Music For Awhile
                          Saturday, May 9 at 7:30 pm
                          Biello Martin Studio, 148 N. 3rd St., Philadelphia
                         Ticket Information Here

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