Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Guiding Star Check In: 5 Quick Ways to Accomplish YOUR Goals

If you haven't taken a look at your Guiding Star goals recently, swallow your "oh gees, I haven't thought about those since February" and pull them out. I've got some quick tips.

We're looking at how to finish goals today, not how to set them.

Whose masterpiece is this? A bunch of college students.
This is the backstage floor of the Leedy Theatre at Lebanon Valley College.
Beauty everywhere. We just have to keep looking.

1. Change - Got some goals that overwhelm you or just aren't as interesting as they were when you created your plan? Permission granted to change or even delete those goals. Do check in with your Buddy before you do this to make sure you aren't giving up or avoiding a goal that has meaning in your life.

2. One Step - Most of us get hung up looking at the big picture. We forget that success is a series of small actions. Try this approach - look for one step towards the goal you can take this week. Then take that one step and see where you are led.

3. Ask for Help - This one is always tough for me. I like to think of myself as completely competent and independent. But look. We all could use a little help. Reach out to your Buddy (or to me) if you're feeling stuck. Sometimes my Buddy and I text each other for a week about one step in one goal. Sometimes that's all I need.

4. Challenge - I've never tried this. You do it and let me know how it works. Set up this challenge: If I don't finish this part of a specific goal by July 31, I will donate $20 to a cause I do not believe in.

5. Celebrate - When I finish this goal, I will celebrate by....find some activity you enjoy that feels celebratory. For me it would be going on a walk in a new place or sitting with a glass of wine. Sometimes, sharing the completion with a friend (or, you guessed it, my Buddy) is enough. NOTE: if your goal is diet-related, make the celebration non-food-based.

I'd truly love to hear where you're at with your Guiding Star goals. Comment here on Creatavita or wherever you see this post on social media. Talk to me!

This path.
Follow this path.

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