Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My Favorite Things: Line Learner

There are so many products, so many tools available now for every task. Do they work? That's the first question I ask.

I've got one that not only works, it has transformed the way I perform a very important task.

It's a simple app living on my phone.
It is inexpensive - $4.00. You read that correctly.
It has saved me hours of time.
It has lowered my anxiety level.

It's Line Learner.

I've been using Line Learner for the past 2 years. Initially, I had some trouble figuring out the app, and I still find parts of it clunky. That could be because I frequently don't use the script recording feature, therefore I forget how it works. Also, based on the reviews I read on Google Play, there's currently a bug when trying to use the app with Bluetooth as well. Still, but I'm happy to overlook those issues because my work is definitely more thorough and efficient when using the app (as opposed to before I was using the app).

Once you've recorded the lines (which takes time, but I find it is another way of learning), the app has plenty of options - play your lines; play the other character's line and mute yours; leave a gap, then play your line, leave another gap (so you can say your line), etc. I haven't explored all of the possibilities because I've found the ones that work for me.

I find it easy to stop and start so I can target specific sections of a script.

If you have lines to learn, I think you'd be silly not to try it.

Line Learner for Android

Line Learner for Apple

Simple tool for an important work task.
Made learning lines SO much easier.
Cheap. Best $4.00 I have spent. E.V.E.R.

Learning curve is steeper than I think is necessary.
Current bug when used with Bluetooth.

Have a favorite thing that makes life easier? Tell me about it here. If I use it in a future post, I'll send you a present.

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  1. Sounds like an excellent app! In Berlin now and very grateful for Google Translate myself. Keeps me from ordering raw meat with marshmallows or similar.

    1. It is, as is Google Translate. Aber, du kann nicht Deutsch sprechen?