Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Flailing At Life

You Creataviters are lucky I don't subject you to more baseball analogies in my posts.  In fact, this might be the first one.  Trust me, there are plenty more in my draft folder.

While talking baseball with Cynthia, one of Creatavita's BFFs recently, I mentioned how frustrating it is to watch Maikel Franco flailing away at the ball. 

Let me back up.  Maikel Franco is a young, immensely talented baseball player.  Of course he plays for the Philadelphia Phillies.  What were you expecting?  He's known for his explosive bat (translation: he can hit the ball) and his fearless approach to the game.  Skills that line up with successful creators - talent and fearlessness.

However, when he gets in a slump, watching Maikel hit can be painful.  He just tries too hard, as you can see in these two photos (amazingly, I cannot find a video of him striking out).

Notice Maikel's helmet is no where to be found.  Not a good sign.

See what I mean about the helmet?

Maikel just tries too hard.  

Do you ever do that?  

I do. I assume if a little is good, a lot has to be better.  So I cross over the line and become obsessive.  About every little detail in a song, in a monologue, on my resume, in an email, on my website.  I spend hours parsing the correct word, looking for the correct sensation in my throat, uber-planning my trip to that audition in two weeks.

Sometimes, I just need to back off of myself.  Take a breath.  Let enough be enough.  If I've done the work I can do, I'm done.  I have to recognize I'm not in control of everything.  I have to let go and stop trying so hard.

In the spirit of Creatavita, I end this post with two videos of Maikel using that talent, focus and fearlessness to succeed.  Note:  If you're a subscriber and these videos don't appear in your email, click on the highlighted Creatavita at the bottom of the email.  You'll be directed to the actual blog and should be able to view the videos there.

First. An amazing throw from third base.

There's no flailing here. 
The helmet stays on and Maikel hits a grand slam.

So let's all stop flailing.  Let's stay focused and fearless.


  1. "You hang it, I bang it." HA! I'm saying that all the time now, so I sound like I know something about baseball. Focused and fearless-on we go! Cynthia

  2. Boy, I've never heard that one before. Thanks for sharing! Adding it to my list. My favorite - "there's no crying in baseball."

    1. That's what the sportscaster says in the video of the grand slam above. What do I know? It sounds naughty to me. Don't use it in polite company. Cynthia