Sunday, January 8, 2017

Guiding Star Week #1: How We Doin'?

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My, oh my, oh my.  I am humbled.  I am honored. I am astonished. I am thrilled. You're giving Guiding Star a try.  As I promised, I'm not going to get you started and then turn you out into your cold, cruel lives all alone.  I'll be checking in frequently for the first 2 months, standing next to you and, hopefully, providing insight and motivation.

You've got one simple task this week.  You ready?

Spend 15 minutes with your plan.

That's it.  Take 15 minutes to read and ponder your plan.

Some questions to fire your pondering.

- Any events this past week that felt different because of your plan?

- How's it going as you incorporate the Slogan and Touchstones into your life?

I know. Me too. It's a challenge. When I first incorporated these phrases into my life, it felt downright hokey.  But I kept doing the work, mainly because my Buddy was so insistent at the changes she had experienced.  Sometimes, it still feels hokey to me.  Not as much as it used to.  Plus, I've had some mind-blowing experiences where I felt the slogan or touchstones working.  That was enough to convince me to work through the hokey times.

By the way, my Slogan is still a mess, so I'm still working with it.  I have been trying out different language, usually while I'm walking (I actually say different versions out loud, which can look rather silly). I tell you this so you know it is just fine if you don't feel quite right about some part of your plan.  Keep exploring.

- Any events coming in the next week which could use a different mental approach?  Can Guiding Star help?

- Can you begin working on one goal?  Even setting a task of researching online for 15 minutes will feel good.  You will have started.  For example, one of my Guiding Star goals is to attend a blogging conference this year (I bet you all think that's an excellent idea). To get going on that goal this week, I'm intending to take 15 minutes away from Facebook and research blogging conferences.

Bonus: If you want to spend more time with your plan this week, take the time to write a brief "report".  Did you start on a goal?  Did you notice an attitude change?  Did you get frustrated?  Having these reports (which we'll all be doing on a monthly basis) to look back on as the year progresses are fantastic. You'll see progress when you thought nothing was happening, which will make your motivation zoom.

Double Bonus:  Listen to this fascinating podcast of an episode of the NPR One show, Hidden Brain.  The title of this episode is Getting Unstuck.  Based on discussions I've had with some Creataviters, I think it will be of value.  FYI, you'll need 30 minutes.  I listened to it while knitting a Pussy Hat (not crazy about the name, but I'm crazy about the concept).  Special thanks to my niece, Liesl Eichler Clark for putting this in front of me.  PS - check Lee out; she works in green energy, another field that requires creativity.

Positive works
Keep it brief
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