Monday, January 23, 2017

Guiding Star Week #3: Stay Focused, My Friends

Sorry I'm a day late.  Whew, what a weekend!

I was going to blog about our Slogans today, but then this happened.

Members of my family at the Million Woman March.
At this point, we've walked 4 miles and we've got about 2 to go.
We're good.

My husband, my stepdaughter and me.
On our way to the Million Woman March.

I know that many of you Creataviters were marching throughout the world on Saturday.  Hooray!  Wasn't it an incredible event?  If you're like me, you came back fired up and raring to go.  Fired up about what?  Raring to go where?

Believe it or not, you designed your Guiding Star plan for this exact moment.  Now's the time to open that plan up, spend a few minutes with it.  Need to adjust a Touchstone?  Go ahead.  Need to adapt a goal?  Do it!

One of my Goals this year is:

Study and volunteer for gerrymandering reform for 30 minutes each week.

Last week, I hit the button to volunteer for Fair Districts PA, an organization working on gerrymandering right here in Pennsylvania.  Do you think it was a coincidence that I received a call from the organization, giving me a specific task, while I was marching in DC? (No, I didn't answer!  I was shuffling down 14th St, heading to the White House with hundreds of thousands of others!)

Neither do I.

Stay focused my friends.

Her dad said I could take her picture

Positive works
Keep it brief
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