Sunday, January 21, 2018

Guiding Star 2018 Week #3: Stay Focused, My Friends

One year ago, the Week #3 post focused on my involvement (along with 20 members of my extended family) in the Million Women March. Here we are 365 days later, still organizing, speaking up, resisting. Some days I feel like there hasn't been enough change. You too?

Those are the days I have to remind myself to

Stay focused

Instead of just getting frustrated (with where I am in life, with the state of our country, with my own perceived sense of lack), I now acknowledge the frustration and then I take a new path - I open up my Guiding Star plan. Yes I do. Because I know I will find answers there; I will find the next step I need to take and how I need to take it; and most importantly, I will find the motivation to stay focused. That's why I love Guiding Star so much. In those moments when I am disappointed, unmotivated or lack self confidence, my Guiding Star plan rarely lets me down. Almost always, I find the answer there.

Believe it or not, just like me, you designed your Guiding Star plan for this exact moment.  Now's the time to open that plan up, spend a few minutes with it.  Need to adjust a Touchstone?  Go ahead.  Need to adapt a goal?  Do it. Then choose one aspect of your Guiding Star plan to focus on this week. It can be highlighting one Touchstone, or spending 10 minutes on a Goal, or reminding yourself every morning of your Hat. Doesn't matter. Make it simple so you can be proud of your accomplishment.

Most importantly, stay focused, my friends.

Last year's March. I like being reminded of the energy we all
felt that day.

Always remember:
Positive works
Keep it brief
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